What makes Hi-Capa one of the most demanded in the market

The main concept of the Hi-Capa Atlanta pistol is that it is modified for great accuracy, speed, and reliability. It was made to be a “Race gun” and is based in 1911. Its name comes from a double row magazine making; therefore, it is possible to carry more bb’s in it. It has many advantages over any other pistol because these guns are pretty accurate. Also, it’s faster, smooth, and convenient reloading, lighter trigger pulls with lighter slide faster cycling holding a history of accuracy.

Reasons to choose SS Airsoft for Hi- Capa 

Hi-Capa Atlanta has the best Hassle-less delivery and is most likely to deliver your order within 24 hours so that the wait doesn’t make the excitement of your product settle down. Our team is highly responsive and supportive to answer all your questions, not just highly responsive but also hold expertise in Airsoft and will always provide you with an updated catalog. SS airsoft offers a varied selection of all airsoft guns and not just Hi- Capa. We use reliable and secure payment methods to keep your transactions safe.

SS Airsoft is a synonym for high quality and service

You can also join our community and grab amazing discounts on your orders! Sign up and be the first one to get our notification of restocking. We add our new gear to the catalog quite frequently. All these services that we provide make finding and purchasing all your pieces of equipment real fast, painless, and enjoyable. Every single product that we sell is of high quality from weapons to accessories, we make sure that every consumer is highly satisfied with our service. All the raw materials, as well as finished products, come from our trusted manufacturers like – Airsoft Masterpiece, Tokyo Maruti, AW Custom WE-Tech, CowCow, and AIP.

We are here to make your dreams come true

Take your pistol game to a higher level with SS Airsoft Hi- Capa Atlanta.  Whether you want to upgrade the current HI- Capa or fetch a brand new one SS Airsoft has it all from parts to the entire new pistol. Make your dream pistol come true with customization service, you can easily find parts such as – Triggers, Magwells, Inner and outer Barrels, Magazines, Slides, etc. You can either purchase online or visit our store to find racks full of the newest to classic varieties of Hi-Capa. If you live anywhere near, we are the best place to make a purchase all over Atlanta. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We aim to provide safety, variety, transparency, longevity, and trust and ensure long-lasting relationships with our customers.

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