SS Airsoft, The Southeast’s #1 Airsoft CQB destination is hiring!

SS Airsoft is constantly on the hunt for the best talent available to make our business the best it can be. Even if you don’t find an open position below, if you have something special to offer SS Airsoft in the way of job skills or experience, submit an application and if you’re indeed one of the best, we’ll keep it on file.

So, do you think you have what it takes to keep up with the fastest paced, highest traffic Airsoft facility in the region? Think about the characteristics we feel our best SS Airsoft employees bring to the table, and if you think you measure up, come on in and join the fun!

Attitude – Willingness to work with others to do whatever it takes to provide our customers with the best Airsoft experience they have ever had. While focused on your area of responsibility, you never find yourself thinking “that’s no my job” You don’t focus on being the hero, you focus on making the customer feel like one.

Self Motivated – You’re not the type to walk past a discarded water bottle without picking it up and tossing it in the trash. You’re capable of working in a fast paced environment, often juggling multiple tasks, taking input from multiple team members as well as customers. Instead of picking up your phone and checking facebook when you think no one is looking, you find something to do. If you don’t find something to do, you help someone else get their job done.

Safety Conscious – Keeping a vigilant eye out for safety issues, whether it’s guns without barrel socks, or kids firing in the parking lot.

Responsible – You have reliable transportation. Your job comes before the party and self inflicted party injuries are not what you consider a valid “sick day”

It’s All About the Customer – If a customer raises an issue, you listen. If there is a quick way to solve the problem, you solve it. If you can’t solve it yourself, you actively reach out to a manager for help making that customer happy.

Open Airsoft Jobs:

Retail Associate

We’re seeking someone with past retail experience to oversee the retail operation of SS Airsoft. The primary duties of this position include:

  • Answer telephone and relay calls and messages
  • Greet visitors, register players
  • Assist customers with product selection
  • Keep display counters stocked, neat and organized
  • Check in arriving inventory
  • Handle cash register (opening closing, and settling transactions)
  • Keep retail area clean by vacuuming, wiping down fixtures, policing for trash, take out trash, etc.
  • Periodically inspect rest room, clean and stock supplies
  • Sales of SS Airsoft’s broad selection of products
  • Monitor customer trends, track customer merchandise requests, and suggest products to management
  • Take special orders for customers and follow up when product arrives
  • Perform any other duties related to the smooth operation of SS Airsoft as directed by the store manager or owner
  • A successful candidate will have the following qualifications:
  • Current Student or High School graduate
  • Previous work experience in a fast paced retail environment
  • Sales experience is helpful
  • Proficient spoken and written English skills
  • Punctual, meticulous and reliable
  • Courteous manners with the public
  • Posses a neat appearance and professional demeanor
  • Knowledge of current Airsoft equipment and trends is helpful
  • Willingness to learn is imperative

Administrative Assistant

  • Primary duties will include:
  • Supervise staff
  • Maintain high standards of the company
  • Check voicemail and mailbox
  • Book Parties and events
  • Check in new orders and put them out on display in the store
  • Make schedules for staff
  • Point of Sale knowledge and or can be trained- and Website knowledge-Shopify
  • Actively seek and suggest ways to improve operations, and the customer experience
  • Perform any other duties related to the smooth operation of SS Airsoft as directed by the store manager
  • Weekends and many holidays are workdays in Airsoft!

You must have the following qualifications:

  • Current Student or High School graduate
  • Previous work experience in a “coaching” style environment
  • Proven track record working with large numbers of customers
  • Proficient spoken and written English skills
  • Team building skills
  • Punctual, meticulous and reliable
  • Attention to detail and willingness to follow processes
  • Courteous manners with the public
  • Possess a neat appearance and professional demeanor
  • Experience/knowledge of the sport of Airsoft is a plus, but not necessary

Willingness to learn is imperative

Job Type: Full-time
Pay: To be determined by experience

Warehouse Shipping and Receiving

Job description

  • Loading and unloading delivery vehicles
  • Accepting delivery of inventory
  • Counting and confirming inventory by packing slip/invoice
  • Receiving and documenting merchandise for delivery and /or return Inspecting inventory for damage and faults.
  • Identifying any missing, lost or damaged materials and immediately notifies the supervisor
  • Marking and labeling stock
  • Fixing any errors with labels in the system
  • Keeping warehouse cleaned and organized at all times.
  • Making sure all merchandise is in proper placement on the shelving Breaking down boxes and taking the trash to dumpster Storing inventory in accessible manner.
  • Loading and wrapping stock on pallets. Shipping out customer web orders.
  • Boxing wrapping orders for shipment Check labels to ensure products are shipped to the right destination via order slips


  • Prior experience working in a warehouse Knowledge of shipping of USPS, FedEx, and UPS.
  • Ability to work on feet for 8 hours and carry loads up to 30lbs.
  • Ability to work independently and safely.
  • Problem solving skills Ability to handle multiple tasks at once. Self-motivated Common Knowledge and organizational skills

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: To be determined by experience

Applying for Employment With SS Airsoft

SS Airsoft receives a large number of applications every week. To make sure yours does not slip through the cracks, follow the application instructions below carefully. In your email (or printed) cover letter, point out your specific experience or educational qualifications that you feel make you a match for the position you are applying for. Put simply, if you don’t have the time to tell us why you’re the best, we don’t have time to read your application to try and figure it out on our own.

Apply by filling out the application: