Ss Airsoft – A Facility For Airsoft Games

If you are searching for an airsoft arena, SS Airsoft is one of the largest airsoft facilities for those who are new to airsoft and those who are veterans in the field. An exciting world of airsoft awaits you. At the indoor airsoft facility in Atlanta, you can get an unparalleled experience in the battle zone. You can play against your friends and make new friends in the battle arena. Be it events, tournaments, or parties, you can play in a full-scale battle environment with top-notch artillery. We have a huge collection of arms, ammunition, and accessories for you to choose from. One such reliable gun for airsoft lovers is the Double Eagle M59P Georgia.

Find a Reliable Software Gun at SS Airsoft

SS Airsoft is the place to come to if you are looking for some reliable airsoft guns. We have a range of airsoft guns for you to choose from, including rifles, pistols, bullets, and accessories for players having different levels of experience. We have the latest designs and affordable airsoft guns for you to choose from.

Double Eagle M59P Georgia

At SS Airsoft, you will find the Double Eagle M59P rifle with a scope and bipod. This is the perfect rifle for shooting long distances in the battle field or sharpening your aim. The Double Eagle M59P resembles a real rifle and provides a realistic shooting experience for the players. It is designed for easy loading and reloading, and it fires quickly as well. The Double Eagle M59P Georgia is perfect for target shooting, practice, and competitive play in battle.

Specifications and Features of the Double Eagle M59P Georgia

The Double Eagle M59P bolt action rifle is 39 inches long and has an FPS of 450w/0.2g BB. It is a full-metal barrel rifle having a spring-piston. The one thing that stands out about the Double Eagle M59P Georgia is its accuracy while shooting and the spring power bolt smoothness. Pulling the bolt back after every shot and pushing it forward again makes firing the shot all that much easier, blowing the targets away in an instant. The 0.2g BBs are the perfect ammo for the Double Eagle M59P rifle. The Double Eagle M59P rifle comes with a scope and a bipod, which are amazing. The metal bipod is an adjustable one. The scope has a zoom and illumination, which is effective for long range shooting. The presence of a speed loader makes reloading the Double Eagle M59P easy and convenient with the magazine. If the loading is done correctly, you will hear two clicking sounds. This means that the rifle is ready to fire. The grip is ergonomically designed, making it extremely comfortable for the player to keep aim on the target.

Safety Mechanism of the Double Eagle M59P Georgia

The Double Eagle M59P Georgia has a built-in safety switch that prevents the rifle from firing. This safety switch is similar to that of other airsoft rifles. Pushing the safety switch forward will enable the trigger, while pulling it back will disable it.

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