If you are not ready for Airsoft yet but love Nerf, we are the place for you! Nerf Wars is finally here at SSAirsoft! Enjoy your day shooting Nerf darts at our indoor arena. Play against your friends behind our famous bunkers in which you can duck, hide and dodge from darts at the best Indoor Arena in Georgia which is a 24,000 Square foot battle zone! Step into the war zone at SS Airsoft and try out the best Nerf action you have ever experienced!! We are the place to play nerf in Atlanta! Much better than playing inside your house! We have around 20 different games and scenarios! Bring your own gun, glasses and darts… be sure to write your initials on them!




Thursdays        12pm – 6pm

Sat & Sun          9am – 12pm


Find out how to book your NERF Party Today!

birthdays - corporate events - celebrations

We Offer Nerf Birthday Parties & Private Nerf Parties

Private party times are currently available after normal airsoft times check this link for details!
$100.00 Non-Refundable Deposit for Party Bookings
Nerf Rentals available $15.00 per person
Ages 5 and up
Bringing your own gun, glasses and darts…? Be sure to write your initials on them!

Private Party Pricing After Hours:
Fridays: 12pm – 5pm  &  Saturdays/Sundays: 7pm
3-Hours of Play and Party Room

$300.00 for up to 15 Players
$400.00 for 16 to 30 Players
2-3 Referees -Tips $40 per employee
Room Decoration Fee (Optional) -$40.00

NERF November 11, 2017