SS Airsoft KWA Fight Night Gauntlet

Event Breakdown

KWA Fightnight is a 1v1 tournament.  We will have a 32 man field of SINGLE Elimination.  The top 8 players will move to the Qualifier tournament in June.

Prelim Format

Each Preliminary Match will feature these 3 game modes. Only 1 game will be played for each round. If players win Round 1 and Round 2 then they win the match. If it is tied 1-1 then Round 3 will be played. Each player will need to be designated a color that will correspond with objectives for each game mode.

Round 1 – King of the Hill

  • Players will have 2 minutes to battle for the control of a central point.
  • At the end of the 2 minutes the player that has control of the hill wins.
  • Players will only be allowed 1 Magazine for this round.
  • Infinite and Instant Respawns.
  • There isn’t much to set up for this game except they will need something to fight over. This could be raising a flag, turning over a colored block, or changing a light’s color.

Round 2 – Scavenger

  • Each player will start the round with no Magazine and no rounds in the chamber.
  • They will have 2 minutes to locate their mag and eliminate the enemy player.
  • First to do so wins the round.
  • To set up for this game you will need a magazine from each player to be hidden on the playable field.
  • We used corresponding lights that would flash to help players locate their mag.

Round 3 – Sudden Death

  • If the match is tied 1-1 then they will have a sudden death match.
  • They will be allowed one magazine and 1 life.
  • First to eliminate the enemy player is the winner.

Other Details

  • Tracers are mandatory!
  • 1 Midcap Magazine Only!

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